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Mechanical Construction Services, Inc. (MCS) was founded in 1984 with a mission to provide high quality, competitively priced maintenance services to clients in the electric power generation industry. In the formative years, MCS was essentially a regional organization with clients in Arkansas.

In 1991, a wider vision was established and is currently being implemented with planned expansion into a broader range of industries in the existing regions of operation. In addition, operations have been established in Oklahoma, Mississippi, Texas, Iowa, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri, Louisiana, Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Indiana, and Arizona. This planned expansion includes operations in the cement, chemical, pulp and paper, and other heavy manufacturing industries along with continued growth in the electric power generation industry.

Our intention is to provide additional value to all clients through the export of technology and skills developed in each industry that are applicable to any or all of the other client industries.


The management of MCS, Inc. has a long history in the electric power generation industry which includes project management and implementation experience.   This hands on experience and knowledge of day to day operations allows innovative ideas and processes to be identified and implemented quickly.  In addition, this substantial experience is applied to project planning and execution processes resulting in cost savings to our clients.  This high quality, cost effective completion of projects allows clients to improve their competitiveness in their industry.

MCS, Inc. management has been involved in many significant projects during their professional careers.  Following is a brief overview of some of those projects:

  • Constructions of 14 large fossil fueled electric power generation plants ranging in size from 450 MW to 750 MW.
  • Management of maintenance overhauls at 23 electric power generation stations with craft labor work forces up to 350 personnel.
  • Technical inspection of boilers and associated equipment, assessment of equipment condition, recommendation of appropriate repairs and preparation of inspection reports.


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Mechanical Construction Services, Inc.
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